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18 CEU's.  California Course Approvoal #123114

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Have you ever wondered …

META Health answers all of these questions and many, many more and gives us a revolutionary and transformational approach to staying well health improvement, and accelerated personal development.

META Health is based on scientific evidence and the body's natural laws. Because it provides a more advanced and comprehensive understanding of how the psyche-brain and organ work together, it helps explain, integrate and transcend various approaches to medicine while deepening and supporting coaching, therapy and personal development models.

META Health precedes any therapeutic approach, and builds on clinical (symptomatic) diagnosis and information. It provides individuals, personal development and health professionals with a precise framework root cause diagnosis. Once you know why you or a client has a health issue, you are in a stronger position to select the most appropriate methods to help resolve it and go beyond treating the symptoms by treating the root cause.


At META Health Academy  we support, train and certify individuals and organizations with cutting edge approaches in mind-body health analysis, META-Health coaching,  advanced therapeutic and healing techniques.

META-Health training helps people through applying advanced mind-body diagnostic tools and practical skills, META-Medicine supports a unique advanced integrative health awareness which facilitates self-healing while accelerating personal and professional development

META Health can help us answer important questions about any specific health issue, how and why stress causes different symptoms for different people i.e. one person may experience stress related back pain, another headaches others get eczema. heart disease or even a cancer.  It also shows us how to improve our health and accelerate personal growth. The META Medicine Models, organ-brain-psyche directory and diagnostic approach assist our trainees and clients to understand the causes, meanings and the natural process of any dis-ease. This helps to eliminate our fear of illness and trust our body's intelligent responses enabling more enlightened health choices.  You are in charge of your own mind, body, dis-ease and healing process.

Many people are becoming aware that there is a specific reason why people get ill that's not based on risk factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, toxicity, ‘genetic predisposition’ or simply the body making a mistake. World famous geneticist Dr Bruce Lipton states that research shows 95% of all illness is caused by stress and 100% of stress is cased by limiting beliefs. Mainstream scientists have begun to catch up with this view and discover there is an intimate connection between the body mind spirit and our social environment, and that our thoughts beliefs and emotional responses are tied to our mental emotional and physical health issues.  META-Medicine takes this research to the next level by providing practical, useable and demonstrable tools underpinned by empirical scientific research data.

We hope you enjoy using this website and encourage you to call us with any feedback or questions you may have. With Love, light and healing energy Robert Waghmare, Joanne Ross and Tremayne Reiss


META Health ® Introductory Weekend

Many clients as well as modern, complimentary, alternative health and personal development professionals who trained with us use META-Medicine to integrate and transcend their existing approaches by using the most advanced scientifically proven Models and diagnostic methodologies available.  META Medicine introductory trainings provide you with the science, inspiration and self-empowering information you can apply immediately in life, personal or professional practice.  By helping you understand and work with the bio-psycho-social connection, you will learn which specific stresses cause different health issues and what can be done to promote natural intelligent self healing response as well as work in more preventative manner.

EFT Practitioner Training

EFT (Emotional freedom Techniques) Practitioner & certification  Based on tapping on the meridian end points while asking questions about problematic thoughts feelings

META-Kinetics® Advanced health analysis training

META-Kinetics® is a powerful synthesis of an award winning kinesiology methodology Cyberkinetics and META-Health diagnostic framework. In essence it allows faster and more precise retrieval of information from a client’s unconscious than one could obtain through linguistic methods of META-Medicine diagnosis.

META-Kinetics releases the practitioner from the potential ambiguities and inherent complexities of bio-psycho-social diagnosis by helping to clarify what's important when working with complex health issues. META-Kinetics® takes META-Health® into a new age where non linear diagnostics will become the norm. Click the Learn More button below to find out more...
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Are you a modern, complementary, alternative health professional or health researcher? - If so META Medicine is a META-disciplinary field  providing rich inspirational information which supports professionals to deepen and widen perspectives and skills in the fields of health care, dis-ease prevention, health and personal development.

Are you interested in promoting the self healing response or accelerated approaches to spiritual/ personal development?- Join an Introductory Talk to find out how META Medicine can help you determine what you need to change in order to heal and grow!

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