Robert Waghmare, Tremayne Reiss and Joanne Ross META-Kinetics Demo at the IMMA Conference in Tallin

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META-Kinetics Practitioner Training
 Level 1 Part A

The META-Kinetics Level 1 programme comprises of Parts A and B; both weekends and case studies must be completed for Level 1 Practitioner certification. 

META-Kinetics Level 1 is a practical programme designed for individuals with some knowledge of META-Health. The following benefits are generally derived from this programme

The development of a deeper and more practical ability to work with META-Health Analysis processes, and take your understanding of the intricacies of mind-body connection with  health and personal development to a far deeper level than can be offered by linguistic approaches.

META-Kinetics Level 1 Part A combines theoretical underpinnings with video, demonstrations and lots of practice with other course participants.

META-Kinetics Level 1 Part B builds on Part A and allows you to deepen enquiry and provides information useful for therapy.

The aim of the programme is to enable you to use META-Kinetics with your clients, friends or family.  By the end of the two weekends, you should be able to:


Meet your META-Kinetics Master Trainers

Robert Waghmare - META-Health Master Trainer and META-Kinetics Master Trainer Robert's background in Information Systems Research and Consultancy and 8 years experience as integrative Health Coach and therapist provides the perfect backdrop for assisting with the more conceptual elements of the programme. His understanding of Cybernetics and Systems Theory is helping the emerging field of mind-body healing and he has an active role in researching and developing META-Kinetics with Tremayne Reiss.

Tremayne Reiss - META-Health Coach And META-Kinetics Master Trainer. Tremayne's background in Herbal Medicine and interest in consciousness evolution as well as his understanding and knowledge of many conventional and alternative health approaches supports our META-Kinetics students to understand how META-Kinetics fits in and within the broader fields of health care. Tremayne is is actively researching and developing META-Kinetics with Robert.

Joanne Ross - META-Health Master Trainer and META-Kinetics Master Trainer. Joanne's background in teaching and life coaching helps keep us on track with breaking down the more complex aspects into bitesize chunks and ensuring an optimal learning experience.


META-Kinetics Testimonials

‘So practical! META-Medicine is not complete without this – the application and resolution. Watching the master at work was inspiring!’

Lisa McCorrie, META-Health Coach and Natural Therapist


‘I enjoyed the whole lot – a great group of people, information clearly explained by trainers and course materials well presented. I gained new insights into healing potential, and was inspired by the tuning forks and heart strengthening demonstrations. I gained major personal insights in the health scan session. Thank you!’

Jo Trewartha, META-Health Coach and SEN Teacher (Autistic Spectrum Disorders)

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What you will learn in META-Kinetics
Level 1
Part A

One of the major benefits of the META-Kinetics is that it allows accessing of information stored in the unconscious and previously unavailable through META-Health linguistic analysis or other psychoanalytical interventions. 

The following concepts are introduced presented, demonstrated and then practiced in supportive environment for all participants.  We have found that this structure enables each individual the time to integrate their learning, develop skills and increase confidence

Introduction to Kinesiology - the basis of all muscle testing with fun activities designed to help develop a feel for muscle testing and experiencing the benefits of this tried and tested method.

Introduction to Cyberkinetics - Developed by the late Alan Sales, Cyberkinetics has gained a worldwide reputation as "a quantum leap in Kinesiology". We explain how Cyberkinetics takes Kinesiology to another level, explain the key principles and its significance when applied to the META-Medicine diagnostic system

Analogue mode - A unique method for accessing the 4 dimensional landscape of an enquiry which includes some significant benefits over the standard kinesiology method, the binary method, of eliciting information. It enables you to see the % stress on a health issue, and gain greater clarity within any process

Gate concept - A significant improvement over other kinesiology methods, greatly simplifying any enquiry as the muscle resets after any challenge, helping the practitioner to stay focussed on the enquiry itself

Ocular lock system -- A time-saving way of recording and stacking of information in the visual cortex

TLC - Test Load Correct -- TLC provides a clear structure for each balance you do

Modality - A simple technique for eliciting the most important issue

The 5 levels of healing - A model which shows how healing must take place on every level: physical energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual.

The Bio-field - Introductory explanation to what some call the bio-field, morphic field, the matrix, the aura or the etheric body. This effectively shows what we are communicating with through META-Kinetics
See videos about the human energy field and how imprints cause us to recreate our reality

META-Health Scan - Begin using the skills you have learned to do META-Health Scans using brain maps, practice META-Health Scans with fellow students and discuss the results, and of course, have your own META-Health Scan



What is the META-Kinetics META-Health Scan?

The META-Health Scan provides any META-Health Coach or META-Health Practitioner with a multi-dimensional overview of a client's stresses associated with organ-brain-relay connections, including stresses that are energetic, and have not yet manifested as symptoms

The META-Health Scan is a specific and comprehensive protocol which highlights all active and passive programmes in the organ-mind-brain circuits, determines their status such as intensity, and enables you to find and discuss key emotions and beliefs with your client

The META-Health Scan enables you to elicit priorities and the modality issue- the key issue that, when addresses, will create the biggest systemic healing effect for the client

The META-Health Scan gives you and your clients a valuable overview of their health issues, which forms the basis of your work together, including full META-Kinetics sessions, stress release and targeted therapeutic interventions

Benefits of learning the META-Health Scan Protocol


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Special Bonuses


An evening with Robert, Joanne and Tremayne, who invite you to join them for dinner on Saturday evening where you will receive a free basic introduction to your Human Design: Learn about your uniqueness and your energy type: whether you are Generator, Projector, Reflector or Manifestor. Learn what this means for you, and discover the best way of developing your personal intuitive response for making better decisions affecting all areas of your life.


50% discount on a META-Health Scan and report usually costing £500. A META-Health Scan will uncover active dis-ease processes on every level, even before they manifest as symptoms. It determines your personal priority for healing by tapping into your body's innate intelligence.  This is unavailable anywhere else in the world today, and this information will empower you.


After 13 years and several thousand pounds invested on books, courses and technologies, Robert will help you cut through the personal and spiritual development mine field and talk about methods for accelerating your healing and personal and development and healing saving you time and money.



£100 rebate when you decide to join the META-Health Coach training with us


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Level 1 Part A: Friday 24th - Sunday 26th May 2013

Level 1 Part B: Friday 13th - Sunday 15th September 2013


Please arrive at 9:30am for a 9:45am start. Each training day ends at approximately 6:00pm


£495 per person per each 3-day weekend

Book Part A and B together and save £100
Book Part A and B together for two people and save £390

Discounts are available for groups and META-Kinetics students and Practitioners wishing to refresh their knowledge and receive further guidance. See drop down menu for pricing structures.


Places are limited for each META-Kinetics course, so book now to secure your place






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