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META-Kinetics demonstration with Robert Waghmare, tremayne reiss and Joanne Ross, at the International META-Medicine Conference in Tallin

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META-Kinetics Level 1 Part A
META-Kinetics Level 1 Part B
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A quantum leap for META-Health®

An Advanced System developed by Alan Sales, Tremayne Reiss and Robert Waghmare

META-Kinetics is a powerful synthesis of META-Medicine (a scientific framework and methodology for understanding the root cause of dis-ease) with Cyberkinetics, an award winning Kinesiology methodology developed by Alan Sales.

META-Kinetics allows faster and more precise retrieval of information from a client’s unconscious than one could obtain linguistically or through other methods of META-Health Analysis.

META-Kinetics releases the practitioner from potential ambiguity and helps clarify what's important when working with complex health issues. META-Kinetics takes META-Medicine® into a new age where non-linear analysis will become the norm.


Your META-Kinetics® Trainers and Developers

Robert Waghmare - META-Health Master Coach Trainer, EFT Advanced Trainer and META-Kinetics Master Trainer. Robert's background in Engineering and Information Systems consultancy, NLP and Coaching provided the perfect backdrop for his work in the field of Integrative Health Coaching and Training.

His understanding of cybernetics and systems theory is assisting the development the emerging field of mind-body healing and he has an active role in researching and developing META-Health conscious healing models and META-Kinetics with Tremayne Reiss  Read more about Robert

Tremayne Reiss - META-Health Coach & Trainer and META-Kinetics Master Trainer. Tremayne's background is in Herbal Medicine and he has a deep interest in conscious approaches to health and personal development. Tremayne's understanding and knowledge of many conventional and alternative health approaches has supported his development as a therapist and Health Coach. Tremayne is is actively researching and developing META-Kinetics with Robert. 

Joanne Ross - META-Health Master Coach Trainer and META-Kinetics Master Trainer. Joanne's background in teaching helps with breaking down the more complex aspects into bitesize chunks and ensuring an optimal learning experience. Read more about Joanne

Who is the accrediting organisation?

The non-profit International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) controls the standards and quality of Introductory seminars and META-Health coach training and education.  The IMMA is responsible for the accreditation and certification of all META-Medicine Health Coaches and Trainers worldwide. 

The IMMA Mission Statement is:
"The transformation of medicine and health care into an integral & holistic art and science, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health"

META-Kinetics Testimonials

‘So practical! META-Medicine is not complete without this – the application and resolution. Watching the master at work was inspiring!’

Lisa McCorrie, META-Health Coach and Natural Therapist

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What is META-Kinetics?

META-Kinetics is essentially a direct form of feedback from the client's subconscious. Using META-Kinetics, we can now converse with the sub and superconscious, which eliminates potential for ambiguity from the consulting, coaching and therapy process.
It is a very ecological process: rather than the practitioner trying to determine and dictate the best courses of action, the client's unconscious body-mind tells you. This is incredibly liberating for both client and practitioner.

Who can learn META-Kinetics?

META-Kinetics represents a quantum leap for META-Medicine Practitioners, META-Health Coaches and Trainers, Health Practitioners, Therapists, Life Coaches, Psychologists and Kinesiologists because it allows you to identify root causes and core issues in the bio-field (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, gross, subtle and causal) much faster than linguistic approaches, saving time and energy, while leading to better results

A good understanding of META-Medicine is important for META-Kinetics Practitioners, therefore the META-Health Introductory Weekend or META-Health Coach Training is a pre-requisite for joining the course. Prior skill with muscle testing is helpful, but not a prerequisite. Once a person starts using these two knowledge bases and skill sets together (META-Medicine and Cyberkinetics) it becomes difficult to look back. Just as people who now access information and communicate using the internet would not want to go backwards, those who are accustomed to this new methodology will find it difficult to imagine returning to life before using it. 

The META-Kinetics Practitioner Training (Level 1)

The Key Benefits of learning META-Kinetics

  • Learn how to use advanced Analogue Kinesiology to do META-Health enquiry

  • Access information stored in the unconscious and previously unavailable through META-Health linguistic analysis or other psychoanalytic interventions

  • Identify core issues quickly and precisely

  • Gain precise information from the client's body-field, eliminating the ambiguity of linguistic analysis

  • Establish connections, patterns and themes behind a client's health issues and behaviours through the META-Kinetics Health Scan

  • Gain a powerful methodology, clear direction and structure for META-Health Analysis

  • Engage in preventative healthcare: access unconscious stresses before they present biologically

  • Save time and energy by focussing your enquiry

  • Be empowered by guidance from the client's innate wisdom - removes the need for practitioner guesswork!

  • Deepen your knowledge and understanding of META-Medicine through META-Kinetics enquiry

  • Develop your META-Health Analysis skills from a linear approach to non-linear (quantum field) approach

  • Gain awareness for personal and spiritual development through experiencing META-Kinetics enquiry for yourself during the course


META-Kinetics Level 1 Part A
Learn how to do a META-Health Scan

  • Gain skills and practice in muscle testing; discover what to do and what not to do when muscle testing!

  • Find out how to perform pre-checks and prepare a client for a balance (kinesiology session)

  • Learn the principles and techniques of Cyberkinetics, the advanced form of kinesiology which META-Kinetics builds upon

  • Practice doing META-Health scans to gain a multi dimensional overview of a client's health issues (the organ-brain-relay connections on different levels of energy)

  • Discover the emotions and beliefs behind any health issue from the health scan

  • Access the modality issue - the body's number one priority for healing

  • Find out how to load and discharge stress from the client's energy system

  • Learn and practice using the META-Kinetics protocols for strengthening the heart

Go to Part A to find out more

META-Kinetics Level 1 Part B
Learn how to do META-Kinetics Root-Cause Enquiry

  • Learn specific techniques for accessing more detailed information, including otherwise hidden information, from the client's subconscious

  • Use the META-Kinetics protocols to find the origins of a symptom, health challenge or illness 

  •  Gain very specific and precise information about the context, individuals, objects, emotional content, subjective perceptions and sub-modalities involved at the time of a conflict

  • Elicit the specific tracks and triggers behind a chronic health issue

  • Find out what therapeutic interventions the body requires for healing

  • Learn and practice using the META-Kinetics protocols for strengthening the endocrine system

Go to Part B to find out more


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Level 1 Part A: Friday 24th - Sunday 26th May 2013

Level 1 Part B: Friday 13th - Sunday 15th September 2013


£495 per person for each 3-day weekend


Discounts are available for groups and META-Kinetics students and Practitioners wishing to refresh. See drop down menu for pricing structures.

Advance bookings only - payment is required 2 weeks before the event
(Late bookings based on availability, please call 0845 838 6787)


Places are limited for each META-Kinetics course, so book now to secure your place


Venue: St. Johns Hotel, Warwick Road, Solihull West Midlands.B91 1AT Click the address for more information about the venue